Markets Try To Rebound With Mixed Success

In the wake of yesterday’s big broad-based selloff, which saw major US indices lose 1.1%-1.6%, US index futures are trying to bounce back this morning but so far have only managed relatively moderate gains of 0.3%-0.4%. European indices, including the

Stocks and Commodities Continue To Slide

Yesterday’s US market rebound of 0.1% to 0.5% for major indices turned out to be a dead cat bounce. Overseas markets sold off overnight with the Hang Seng falling 1.5%, the Nikkei falling 1.1% and the Dax dropping 0.7%. Bearish

US Dollar Soars on Fed Hawkish Hold

World markets have been rocked by the results of yesterday’s Fed meeting. The US central bank held its benchmark Fed Funds rate at 5.50% as had been widely anticipated. Forecasts of interest rates for 2024 and beyond were more hawkish

Stocks Stabilize as Investors Await Wednesday’s Fed Announcements

In the wake of Friday’ selloff which saw US indices fall 0.8%-1.6%, US index futures are trading down 0.1%-0.3% this morning. Over in Europe, the Dax is down 0.8% and the FTSE is down 0.4%. Brent and WTI Crude Oil

Stocks Hold Steady as US Autoworkers Hit the Picket Lines

A choppy week for stock markets appears to be heading for a quiet finish. Consolidating yesterday’s US index gains of 0.8% to 1.0%, US index futures are mixed, trading down 0.2% to up 0.2% with the Dow outperforming the NASDAQ.

ECB Dovish Hike and US Economic Data In Focus

Market action has picked up in the last few minutes since the European Central Bank released its latest interest rate decision and statement. The ECB announced a surprise 0.25% increase for its main interest rates, but in the statement it

Stock Market Rebound Continues as Investors Await US Inflation Numbers

The equity market bounce which started on Friday has continued into the new trading week with US index futures up 0.25%-0.75%. Over in Europe this morning, the Dax is up 0.4% while the FTSE is up 0.1%. The start to

Oil and Gas Rally While Stocks Keep Sinking

The malaise which has gripped equity markets this week has continued into Friday morning. US index futures are trading down 0.1%-0.2%, continuing a week of struggle for US bourses, particularly the NASDAQ. Over in Europe, the Dax is down 0.4%

Softening Economic Conditions Weigh On Stocks

Stock markets appear to be heading downward for a third day in a row since North America returned from the Labor Day holiday. US Index Futures are down 0.1% to 0.9%, adding to yesterday’s US index losses of 0.6% to

Bank of Canada
Rising Yields Send Stocks Lower, Bank of Canada Meets Today

September has historically been the seasonally weakest month of the year for stocks and so far this month has been no exception. Adding to yesterday’s major US index losses of 0.1%-0.6%, the three main US index futures contracts are all