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Founded in 2014, SIA Wealth Management Inc. (SIA Wealth) is an independent investment management firm focused on creating financial wealth for investors by building diversified portfolios through relative strength analysis.

SIA Wealth is registered in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. SIA Wealth holds credentials as a Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, SIA Wealth provides a range of products and services to all of our clients. By using Relative Strength analysis to engage in effective risk management, our unconstrained mandates give us the flexibility to manage funds effectively through many market conditions, including the ability to move out of the equity markets entirely in the event of a bear market. Portfolios based on our relative strength analysis provide exposure across industry groups, asset classes, and individual investments.

Who We Are

SIA Wealth is a leading Canadian independent investment management firm. Our mission is to empower investors in achieving long-term financial success, utilizing cutting-edge financial technology to both grow and protect your wealth. 


SIA Wealth's unique approach involves a comprehensive comparative analysis of stocks and ETFs across various sectors - including equities, bonds, commodities, and cash. This method, known as Relative Strength Analysis, is at the core of our asset selection process. 


SIA Wealth's approach involves a constant comparison of price movements across thousands of investment options to help us identify the top performers and those lagging behind. We focus on capitalizing areas of strength while avoiding areas of weakness to improve performance and mitigate risk.


SIA Wealth & BMO Asset Management

SIA Wealth Management sub-advises BMO Global Asset Management to provide unique investment products. For information on our private pool, click here.

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