Game Changer.

The ‘Two-Way Player’ can play both offense and defense and will automatically switch between these roles depending on the flow of the game. The addition of the two-way player adds a tactical dimension to a team by providing additional offensive or defensive support where and when it is needed most.

Two-Way Player - True TacticalTM Webinar

Thursday, June 24, 2021 @ 2:00pm EST / 12:00pm MST

SIA Wealth is a Canadian independent investment management firm that helps investors grow and safeguard their wealth over the long-term with financial technology. ​SIA Wealth is focused on building financial wealth by creating and managing tactical funds and portfolios based on Relative Strength analysis.

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SIA Wealth analyzes each stock/ETFs against every other stock/ETFs to determine where the relative strength is, whether in equities, bonds, commodities, and/or cash. Everything we do is based on relative strength analysis, in our asset selection. Our proprietary, in-depth analysis process sets us apart.

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We are constantly comparing price action across thousands of investments to see which are outperforming and which are underperforming. We capitalize on areas of strength and strive to avoid areas of weakness to improve performance and reduce risk.

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About SIA Wealth Management

SIA Wealth Management (SIAWM) is an independent investment management firm founded in 2014 and focused on creating financial wealth for investors by building diversified portfolios through relative strength analysis.  SIAWM is currently registered with the Alberta Securities Commision and the Ontario Securities Commission as Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer.  Based in Calgary, Alberta, SIAWM provides a range of products and services to all of our clients. By using Relative Strength analysis to engage in effective risk management, our unconstrained mandates give us the flexibility to manage funds effectively through many market conditions, including the ability to move out of the equity markets entirely in the event of a bear market. Portfolios based on our relative strength analysis provide exposure across industry groups, asset classes, and individual investments.

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