True TacticalTM

SIA Wealth’s approach to tactical investing is designed with the ability to adjust our equity allocation within a wide range between 0% – 100% equity and/or fixed income.

Every day, our True TacticalTM process looks at thousands of stocks and ETFs, and analyzes the relative price change of every security against every other security to rank them according to relative strength.

Daily Analysis

We analyze data daily, encompassing over 80,000 stocks, ETFs, Canadian and U.S. mutual funds, commodities, and currencies. This vast scope gives us insights to capitalize areas of potential relative market strength.


We tactically manage risk. Unlike many others in the industry, SIA Wealth is not bound to maintain a constant exposure to equities. In periods of heightened uncertainty or risk, we have the capability to shift towards cash and cash equivalents.

Automate your Asset Allocation

SIA Wealth’s strategies participate in equity markets during favourable times but can also get out of equity markets during a bear market and get into cash and fixed equities.

All True TacticalTM Videos

Learn about our True TacticalTM process with the following explanation videos.

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