Debt Ceiling Deal and This Week’s Business News Calendar

Over the weekend, US congressional leaders and the White House agreed on a deal to resolve the Debt Ceiling crisis. The legislation now needs to pass both houses of Congress ahead of a June 5th deadline, which has been pushed

Positive Pre-Holiday Trading In the US This Morning

The Friday before the US Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff to summer driving/vacation season, finds US index futures up 0.2%-0.4%. In addition to follow-through from yesterday’s technology sector rally that sent the NASDAQ soaring 1.7%, investors appear to be

Strong Earnings Boost US Indices; Canadian Bank Earnings Disappoint Again

Boosted by its Data Center division, which produces chips that support cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence applications, Nvidia beat street expectations on EPS ($1.09 vs street $0.92) and especially sales guidance ($11.0B vs street $7.1B), by wide margins, sparking an

Mixed Markets Digest Flash PMI Reports and await Bank Earnings

An indecisive start to the week which saw the Dow Industrials lose 0.4% and the NASDAQ gain 0.5% on Monday has continued overnight and into this morning. The three main US index futures contracts are down 0.25%. Meanwhile, over in

Rising Markets Await Fed Speakers

Building on yesterday’s US index gains of 0.3%-1.5%, US index futures are trading flat to up 0.25% this morning. Over in Europe, the FTSE is up 0.4% while the Dax and CAC are up 0.8% and Milan is up 1.4%.

<strong>Stocks Rebound Along With Retailer Earnings</strong>

Clawing back some of yesterday’s losses, US index futures are up 0.2%-0.4% this morning. European market are generally trading flat to a gain of 0.4% for the Dax. Commodities are bouncing back after taking losses yesterday with Copper and Platinum

<strong>Steady Stocks Digest Troubling Retail Sales and Inflation Numbers</strong>

US index futures are trading flat to down 0.25% this morning, giving back some of yesterday’s gains, while major European indices are trading flat to up 0.2%. Metals are under pressure this morning with Copper down 2.3% and Gold down

<strong>Markets Rebound to Start a Big Week for Housing and Retailer News</strong>

A weekend without any bad business news (no regional bank blowups, US debt ceiling talks didn’t go off the rails) appears to have encouraged bulls and bargain hunters to dip their toes back into the water to start the week.

<strong>Mixed Markets Digest Inflation and Earnings Numbers</strong>

SIA Wealth Morning Minutes will not be issued tomorrow. It should return on Monday May 15. US index futures are mixed this morning trading between -0.2% and +0.2%. In Europe this morning, the Dax is flat, while the FTSE is

<strong>Stocks Struggle Despite Positive Economic and Earnings News</strong>

Despite positive economic and earnings news, stocks have been soft overnight and into this morning with US Index futures down 0.4%-0.5% so far today, along with the Dax and FTSE. Investors appear to be more interested in what two Fed