<strong>Stocks Pop as Inflation Keeps Easing</strong>

US index futures had been quiet through the morning until a few minutes ago when they started to rally on the back of encouraging US inflation numbers. Currently US index futures contracts are up 0.2%-0.5% with NASDAQ Futures leading the

<strong>Stocks Rally as US CPI Drops to 5.0% and Achieves a Key Milestone</strong>

US index futures have taken off following the release of a benign and better than expected US inflation report. Index futures are currently up 0.6% to 1.0% with NASDAQ futures leading the charge. The US consumer price index (5.0% vs

<strong>Stocks Rebound, Gold Retreats as Banking Fears Ease For Now</strong>

Building on yesterday’s gains of 0.4% to 1.2% for US markets Monday with the Dow leading the bounce, US index futures are up 0.6%-0.9% this morning with Dow Futures once again leading the way. European indices are also rallying with

Markets Slide as Investors Digest Employment, Earnings and Financial News

Please note the SIA Wealth Morning Minutes will not be issued on Monday March 13th, it should return on Tuesday March 14th. US index futures are mixed as investors struggle with the implications of today’s North American employment numbers. Dow

Canadian Earnings Season Starts Strong; US Inflation Pressures Rise

CIBC kicked off Canadian earnings season with a bang, reporting EPS well above expectations ($1.94 vs street $1.72). Capital markets was the primary driver of the strong results along with moderate growth in traditional banking and a smaller loan loss

<strong>Mixed US Inflation Report Sparks Market Volatility</strong>

Inflation reports are top of mind with US investors this morning. Headline US Consumer Prices (6.4% vs street 6.2% and previous 6.5%) and Core CPI (5.6% vs street 5.5% and previous 5.7%) continued to trend downward but not as quickly

<strong>Nonfarm Payrolls and Big Tech Earnings in Focus</strong>

Today’s US employment numbers were very strong. US nonfarm payrolls were far above analyst expectations (517K vs street 185K) and just as importantly, last month’s number was revised upward (260K from previous 223K). Average hourly earnings (4.3% vs street 4.9%

<strong>Intel’s Struggles Knock Down NASDAQ</strong>

Intel (INTC) rocked the markets last night after it missed on earnings ($0.10 vs street $0.20), missed on sales ($14.0B vs street $14.5B), and forecast a $0.15 per share loss for Q1. Management blamed its struggles on customers reducing demand

<a><strong>China GDP, Inflation, and Mixed Earnings News In Focus</strong></a>

US traders return from their long weekend today to find equities down slightly and commodity action mixed. US index futures are all down about 0.2%, while in Europe, the Dax is flat and the FTSE is down 0.3%. The US

Stocks Climb As Investors Await Inflation Data and Earnings Reports

Building on a constructive Tuesday, where US indices shrugged off early softness and gained in strength through the day to finish up 0.5% to 1.0%, US index futures are all up about 0.2%, continuing their New Year’s Rally.  Overseas markets