<strong>Intel’s Struggles Knock Down NASDAQ</strong>

Intel (INTC) rocked the markets last night after it missed on earnings ($0.10 vs street $0.20), missed on sales ($14.0B vs street $14.5B), and forecast a $0.15 per share loss for Q1. Management blamed its struggles on customers reducing demand

<a><strong>China GDP, Inflation, and Mixed Earnings News In Focus</strong></a>

US traders return from their long weekend today to find equities down slightly and commodity action mixed. US index futures are all down about 0.2%, while in Europe, the Dax is flat and the FTSE is down 0.3%. The US

Stocks Climb As Investors Await Inflation Data and Earnings Reports

Building on a constructive Tuesday, where US indices shrugged off early softness and gained in strength through the day to finish up 0.5% to 1.0%, US index futures are all up about 0.2%, continuing their New Year’s Rally.  Overseas markets

<strong>Stocks Slide With Employment Related News In Focus</strong>

US index futures are down 0.3%-0.4% this morning giving back some of yesterday’s 0.4%-0.8% gains, dragged downward by mixed employment news. At the national level, the news has been positive with ADP private sector payrolls (235K vs street 150K) and

Stocks Soar, US Dollar Drops as US Inflation Pressures Ease

US index futures have exploded to the upside this morning in the minutes following the release of a better than expected US inflation numbers for both the Consumer Price Index (7.1% vs street 7.3% and previous 7.7%), and Core CPI

Stronger Producer Prices Knock Down Stocks

US index futures had been building on yesterday’s gains but have turned downward in the last few minutes following the release of US producer price inflation numbers that did not ease as much as hoped, keeping hawkish pressure on the

Stocks Pop On More Signs of Slowing Inflation

US index futures have rallied on another improved US inflation report, gaining 1.1% to 2.8% with the NASDAQ leading the charge upward. The US 10-year treasury yield has dropped back toward 3.8% and the US Dollar is backsliding again, losing

Stocks Soar, US Dollar Drops as Inflation Pressures Ease

US index futures have gone into rally mode after today’s US Consumer Price Index report indicated easing inflation pressures. Both headline CPI (7.7% vs street 8.0% and previous 8.2%) and core CPI (6.3% vs street 6.5% and previous 6.6%) declined

Stocks Drop as Inflation Comes In Worse Than Expected

US indices have dropped off a cliff this morning after the US Consumer Price Index came in higher than expected (8.2% vs street 8.1%), which keeps pressure on the Fed to continue raising interest rates. Prior to the announcement, US

Stocks Drop as Inflation Comes in Worse Than Expected

US index futures have turned sharply downward this morning dropping 0.8% to 1.2% in the minutes following a hotter than expected US consumer price inflation report. Headline CPI came right down the middle at 8.3%, which was higher than the