Gold and Oil Active in an Otherwise Steady Start To The Week

Summer has arrived in North America and Europe, and for the most part, world markets are very quiet entering the last week of the month and the quarter. US index futures, the FTSE and Copper are all essentially flat this

Gold Clears $2,000/oz as Investors Digest Mixed Payroll and PMI Reports

Trading action in world markets has been mixed overnight. US index futures are flat this morning after major US markets fell 0.6% yesterday. In Europe, the FTSE is up 0.4% and the Dax is down 0.3%. Asia Pacific trading saw

Markets Stabilize Following Weekend Banking Support Moves

Over the weekend more steps were taken in an attempt to shore up confidence in the global banking system. UBS agreed to purchase troubled Credit Suisse for $3.2B. In addition, five central banks, the Fed, the Bank of Canada, the

Banks Still Struggle Despite Lifelines as Capital Flocks to Defensive Haven...

A volatile week for world stock markets continues this morning with equities in retreat once again. US index futures are trading flat to down 0.6%, with Dow Futures leading the way lower. Over in Europe, the Dax is down 0.25%

<strong>Banking Problems Drag World Markets Downward While Gold Rallies</strong>

It has been a good news, bad news evening and morning for banks and the markets. On the positive side, the Fed and the US Government stepped in with a plan to backstop depositors at Silicon Valley Bank in a

Stocks Drop as Wage Inflation Jumps

Please note that the Morning Minutes will not be issued on Monday, they should return on Tuesday December 6. Stocks and commodities have turned sharply downward in the last few minutes following the release of the monthly Nonfarm Payrolls report

Stocks Soar, US Dollar Drops as Inflation Pressures Ease

US index futures have gone into rally mode after today’s US Consumer Price Index report indicated easing inflation pressures. Both headline CPI (7.7% vs street 8.0% and previous 8.2%) and core CPI (6.3% vs street 6.5% and previous 6.6%) declined

Stocks Bounce Back As Focus Turns To Earnings

Stock markets in North America and Europe have been on the rebound to start the new trading week, clawing back a good chunk of Friday’s losses. US index futures are up 1.0%-1.6% compared with Friday’s declines of 1.3%-3.0%. European trading

US Returns To New Oil Sanctions and a Gold Mining Merger

US investors appear to have returned from their long weekend somewhat less enthusiastic than when they left on Friday. The last trading day of May finds US index futures trading down 0.3% to 0.7%, giving back some of their recent

Stocks Slide as Rates Rise, China Data Mixed

Investors have returned from the Easter weekend in a mixed mood. European indices are on the rise this morning with the Dax up 0.6% and the FTSE up 0.2%. On the other hand, US index futures are down 0.1% to