Stocks Rebound On Positive Bank and Retailer Earnings

Shrugging off a flat to slightly lower Tuesday, US index futures are posting moderate gains this morning, varying between 0.2% for Dow Futures to 0.6% for NASDAQ Futures. Cryptocurrencies are also on the rebound today, with Bitcoin climbing 7.2% and

Stocks Slip as Investors Await Bank and Retailer Earnings

Stock markets around the world are backsliding this morning. NASDAQ futures are down 1.35%, while Dow futures are down 0.6%. Overseas, the Dax and FTSE are both down 0.7%, while Hong Kong and Shanghai fell 1.0%-1.4%. On a quiet day

Manufacturing/Service Economy Divide, and Retail Sales In Focus

US index futures are up 0.3%-0.5% this morning, clawing back much of yesterday’s 0.4%-0.7% losses by the three main US market indices. European markets are also bouncing back today with the Dax up 0.7% and the FTSE up 0.2%.  

Stocks Climb Amid Mixed Earnings in Pre-Holiday Trading

Trading overnight was relatively quiet with several Asia-Pacific markets closed heading into the Lunar New Year holidays. European markets have been flat to slightly positive with the Dax rising 0.7%. US index futures are pointing toward a higher open this

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More Strong Earnings and True Tactical Webinar Replay

Coming off of a one-day pause, US stock markets have resumed their upward course this morning. US index futures are up about 0.3% today while overseas, European markets are steady and the Hang Seng soared 1.9%. Metals are soaring this

Stocks Pause To Digest Recent Records; True Tactical Webinar Today

US index futures are down 0.1%-0.3% this morning, less than yesterday’s gains of 0.75%-0.95% for the big 3 US indices and a gain of 2.50% for the Russel 2000. Considering that US indices have gone up 5-6 trading days straight

Disappointing North American Employment Reports Dampen Sentiment

Building on yesterday’s 1.00% to 1.25% gains for US indices, US index futures are up another 0.3% to 0.4% this morning amid a number of significant developments from many directions. On the government side, a new $1.9 Trillion US stimulus

Energy, Earnings and Employment Influence Trading and Sentiment

Thursday morning finds energy prices moving up once again, boosted by several factors. WTI crude oil is up 0.75% and putting $55.00 further into the rear-view mirror as OPEC+ agreed to extend current supply cuts and US weekly oil inventories

Focus Turns to Energy Rallies as Silver Slides

Commodity markets have been particularly active this morning. Natural Gas is up another 4.0% in the wake of yesterday’s big east coast storm and cold temperatures. Meanwhile WTI crude oil is up 2.3% this morning after OPEC producers indicated 99%