<strong>Stocks Digest Earnings and Economic Reports Ahead of the Fed</strong>

The strong finish to January that saw US indices climb 1.0%-1.7% yesterday continued overnight with the Hang Seng gaining 1.0%. Momentum has faded this morning, however, with the Dax up 0.3% and the FTSE up 0.2%, while US index futures

<strong>A Big Week For Business News Starts With Stocks Slumping</strong>

The new trading week finds stocks in reverse, with US index futures down 0.5%-1.1%, giving back Friday’s US market gains of 0.0%-1.0%. In overseas action, the Hang Seng fell 2.75%, the Dax is down 0.5% and the FTSE is flat.

<strong>Intel’s Struggles Knock Down NASDAQ</strong>

Intel (INTC) rocked the markets last night after it missed on earnings ($0.10 vs street $0.20), missed on sales ($14.0B vs street $14.5B), and forecast a $0.15 per share loss for Q1. Management blamed its struggles on customers reducing demand

Netflix Results Boost Stocks Heading into Lunar New Year Holidays

The last day of trading before Lunar New Year and the start of a Year of the Rabbit finds major Asia Pacific markets (several of which will be closed for one or more days next week) up across the board

<strong>Retail Sales and Inflation Numbers Dominate The Headlines</strong>

Coming off of a mixed day for US markets where the Dow fell 1.1% and the NASDAQ finished up 0.2%, US index futures are up 0.1%-0.3% this morning. Overseas, the Nikkei popped 2.5% while the Hang Seng gained 0.5%. The

<a><strong>China GDP, Inflation, and Mixed Earnings News In Focus</strong></a>

US traders return from their long weekend today to find equities down slightly and commodity action mixed. US index futures are all down about 0.2%, while in Europe, the Dax is flat and the FTSE is down 0.3%. The US

<strong>Markets Tread Water in US Holiday Trading</strong>

As is typical on days that the US market is closed for a holiday, Martin Luther King Day today, trading in international markets has been fairly quiet. US index futures, which close shortly, are down 0.1%-0.3% giving back some of

<strong>Stocks Slide Despite Positive Earnings</strong>

The kickoff to earnings season has been a mostly positive one with several banks and other companies beating street expectations including JPMorgan Chase ($3.57 vs street $3.08), Bank of America ($0.85 vs street $0.77), Wells Fargo ($0.67 vs street $0.60),

<strong>Improved US Inflation Numbers Met With Market Choppiness</strong>

The US Consumer Price Index came in at 6.5%, in-line with street expectations and down from 7.1% last month, while core CPI, excluding food and energy also met expectations (5.7% in-line, vs previous 6.0%). Meanwhile, US weekly jobless claims beat

Stocks Climb As Investors Await Inflation Data and Earnings Reports

Building on a constructive Tuesday, where US indices shrugged off early softness and gained in strength through the day to finish up 0.5% to 1.0%, US index futures are all up about 0.2%, continuing their New Year’s Rally.  Overseas markets