Yields Fall, Stocks Rally as Employment Numbers Come in Soft

US index futures have rallied following the release of today’s North American employment numbers. The three main contracts are currently up 0.3%-0.5% having traded close to flat overnight and this morning ahead of the news. European market action is mixed

Price Pressures and Airline Earnings in Focus

US index futures are flat this morning as investors digest yesterday’s NASDAQ 1.0% correction and today’s inflation numbers. Across the pond, the Dax is down 0.5%, while the FTSE is down 0.3%. Inflation numbers in the US were mixed this

Markets Slide as Investors Digest Employment, Earnings and Financial News

Please note the SIA Wealth Morning Minutes will not be issued on Monday March 13th, it should return on Tuesday March 14th. US index futures are mixed as investors struggle with the implications of today’s North American employment numbers. Dow

<strong>Nonfarm Payrolls and Big Tech Earnings in Focus</strong>

Today’s US employment numbers were very strong. US nonfarm payrolls were far above analyst expectations (517K vs street 185K) and just as importantly, last month’s number was revised upward (260K from previous 223K). Average hourly earnings (4.3% vs street 4.9%

<strong>Easing Wage Inflation Boosts Indices</strong>

US index futures have been climbing following the release of today’s North American employment reports with gains of 0.6% to 0.7%. The reports turned out to be significantly better than expected. Most importantly, both US average hourly earnings (4.6% vs

Bonds and Stocks Retreat as North American Jobs Beat Expectations

Market activity, which had been quiet overnight, has sprung to life following the release of North American employment and wage numbers this morning.   US nonfarm payrolls (263K vs street 250K vs previous 315K) and Canada employment (2.1.1K street +20K

High Inflation Sends Stocks Into Free Fall

Investors had already been on tenterhooks about stagflation and yesterday after the European Central Bank announced a new interest rate hike program, raised inflation guidance and cut GDP guidance, and this morning, hot inflation numbers out of the US and

Opposing Employment Surprises; Social Media Stocks Strike Back

US equity markets appear poised to continue their declines as investors consider rising wage inflation and another mixed round of earnings reports. Dow futures are down over 200 points or 0.5% and NASDAQ futures have slipped into the red as

Indices Retreat Amid Mixed Employment and High Inflation Reports

US index futures have taken a sharp turn downward following the release of a brutal US employment report that suggested the economy could be in the grip of stagflation, a time of high inflation and low economic growth. Dow futures

Nonfarm Payrolls Disappointment and Service PMI Numbers In Focus

The last day of trading before the Labor Day long weekend and the end of summer holidays finds US index futures sliding into the red following today’s US job numbers after being slightly positive for most of the morning. Overseas