Stocks and Commodities Continue To Slide

Yesterday’s US market rebound of 0.1% to 0.5% for major indices turned out to be a dead cat bounce. Overseas markets sold off overnight with the Hang Seng falling 1.5%, the Nikkei falling 1.1% and the Dax dropping 0.7%. Bearish

Rising Treasury Yields and US Dollar Weigh on World Markets

The last week of the quarter is off to a slow start. US index futures are down 0.1%-0.3%, continuing their drift downward from last week. Over in Europe, the Dax and FTSE are both down 0.9%. Stocks and bonds continue

Stocks Drop as Wage Inflation Jumps

Please note that the Morning Minutes will not be issued on Monday, they should return on Tuesday December 6. Stocks and commodities have turned sharply downward in the last few minutes following the release of the monthly Nonfarm Payrolls report

US Dollar Rebound Sends Stocks Sinking

US index futures are down 0.9% to 1.3% adding to yesterday’s US index losses of 0.9% for the S&P and 1.5% for the NASDAQ, as investors continue to work through the tail end of earnings season and deal with a

Stocks Soar, US Dollar Drops as Inflation Pressures Ease

US index futures have gone into rally mode after today’s US Consumer Price Index report indicated easing inflation pressures. Both headline CPI (7.7% vs street 8.0% and previous 8.2%) and core CPI (6.3% vs street 6.5% and previous 6.6%) declined

Interest Rates and US Dollar Soar, Stocks Keep Sliding Into the Weekend

Continuing yesterday’s downturn, world stock markets have been in broad retreat overnight and into this morning. In Asia Pacific trading, the Nikkei and Hang Seng both fell about 0.4%. In Europe today, the CAC is down 2.1%, the Dax is

Bonds and Stocks Retreat as North American Jobs Beat Expectations

Market activity, which had been quiet overnight, has sprung to life following the release of North American employment and wage numbers this morning.   US nonfarm payrolls (263K vs street 250K vs previous 315K) and Canada employment (2.1.1K street +20K

Stocks Keep Falling as Treasury Yields Keep Rising

The implications of stagflation (high inflation driving tighter monetary policy and a weakening economy) appear to be putting a squeeze and taking their toll on stocks, bonds and commodities again today. From the inflation/monetary side, this week’s series of interest

Mixed Markets Digest Multiple Interest Rate Hikes

Monetary policy decisions, statements, and forecasts have continued to impact trading in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities around the world overnight. Equity and bond market momentum has been generally downward, adding to yesterday’s late afternoon selloff that was sparked by

US Dollar Climbs While Banks and Retailers Struggle

Trading across world markets has been mixed overnight and this morning with investors apparently indecisive over whether to expect a hawkish or dovish Fed when Chair Powell speaks at the Jackson Hole conference on Friday. Yesterday’s flash PMI and new