Employment Numbers Suggest Stagflation in Canada

Friday finds US index futures holding steady between a decline of 0.2% for Dow Futures and a 0.2% gain for NASDAQ Futures as investors digest yesterday’s US index gains of 0.5% to 1.0%. Over in Europe, the Dax is down

<strong>Stocks Try to Bounce Back Amid Signs of Stagflation</strong>

US index futures are in the green this morning with gains of 0.25% to 0.90%. With European market action mixed today (Dax is up 0.6% FTSE is down 0.2%) and with the US 10-year treasury note yield hanging around 3.95%,

Stagflation in Focus With US on Holiday and Canada Returning to Trading

With US markets closed today, Canadian markets have an opportunity to catch up from Friday’s holiday. US markets rallied on Friday with their three main indices all gaining about 1.0%, although US index futures have given some of that back

Indices Retreat Amid Mixed Employment and High Inflation Reports

US index futures have taken a sharp turn downward following the release of a brutal US employment report that suggested the economy could be in the grip of stagflation, a time of high inflation and low economic growth. Dow futures

Apple and Amazon Misses Sink Stocks, Resource Giants Beat The Street

Yesterday’s US market rally came to an abrupt end overnight. Index futures are reeling from a one-two punch of two heavyweights reporting disappointing earnings after the close yesterday. NASDAQ futures are currently down 0.9%, while S&P futures are down about

Stagflation Concerns and Hong Kong Breakdown Drag on Markets

Recent economic numbers pointing toward a period of stagflation (low economic growth and high inflation) and seasonal factors not only continue to drag on world markets but may have reached a tipping point overnight. The Hang Seng sold off again