<strong>Retail Sales and Inflation Numbers Dominate The Headlines</strong>

Coming off of a mixed day for US markets where the Dow fell 1.1% and the NASDAQ finished up 0.2%, US index futures are up 0.1%-0.3% this morning. Overseas, the Nikkei popped 2.5% while the Hang Seng gained 0.5%. The

Inflation Continues To Impact Trading in Stocks and Bonds

US index futures had been trying to mount a comeback in the early hours of this morning but were unable to get very far relative to yesterday’s major US index declines of 4.0%-5.0% and have slipped back into the red

Stocks Stabilize Along With US Producer Prices

Heavy selling pressure continued through overseas trading overnight and into this morning, with the Nikkei falling 1.3%, the FTSE falling 0.4% and the Dax dropping 0.3%. In a sign that investors remain nervous, cryptocurrencies are down again this morning with

Cryptocurrencies Crumble and Stocks Slide As Investors Go Defensive

The market selloff appears to be taking on a life of its own this week. With US consumer price inflation still running above 8.0% over year and US producer price numbers announced this morning still running hot (11.0% vs street

Bank of Canada
Central Bank Tightening and Earnings Season Starting In Focus

Central banks are in the spotlight today with accelerated tightening on the agenda. Last night, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, who had been raising rates at a pace of 0.25% per meeting for their last few meetings and had

Mixed Markets Await The Fed as Inflation Pressures Keep Building

Downward pressure on stock markets that sent the NASDAQ and the Russel 2000 down 1.4% in yesterday’s trading continued through the Asia Pacific session where the Hang Seng lost 1.3% and the Nikkei fell 0.7%. Stocks have been trying to