<strong>Mixed Markets Digest Inflation and Earnings Numbers</strong>

SIA Wealth Morning Minutes will not be issued tomorrow. It should return on Monday May 15. US index futures are mixed this morning trading between -0.2% and +0.2%. In Europe this morning, the Dax is flat, while the FTSE is

<strong>Stocks rise with Inflation and Earnings in Focus</strong>

US index futures are up 0.2% to 0.5% this morning, clawing back some of yesterday’s US index losses of 0.2% to 0.8%. European markets are slightly positive for the most part with a 1.0% gain for the CAC leading the

<strong>Retail Sales and Inflation Numbers Dominate The Headlines</strong>

Coming off of a mixed day for US markets where the Dow fell 1.1% and the NASDAQ finished up 0.2%, US index futures are up 0.1%-0.3% this morning. Overseas, the Nikkei popped 2.5% while the Hang Seng gained 0.5%. The