Investors Consider Monetary Policy Related News While Awaiting OPEC+ Decision

Building on Tuesday’s gains, US index futures are up 0.3%-0.6% this morning. Over in Europe, the Dax is up 1.0%, while the FTSE is down slightly. In Asia Pacific trading, the Hang Seng dropped 2.0% overnight. Treasury yields continue to

Crude Oil Crumbles as OPEC+ Delays Meeting

US equities are acting this morning like the heavy hitters already have one foot out the door. Typically equity trading during US Thanksgiving week slows down Wednesday afternoon, is closed Thursday for turkey and football, sees a quiet Friday half

Weak ADP Payrolls and Strong Service PMI Data In Focus

Downward momentum from yesterday’s selloff, which saw major US indices fall 1.3%-1.9% continued through Asia Pacific trading where Tokyo and Seoul lost 2.3-2.4%. So far this morning, equities have stabilized with US Index Futures trading up 0.1%-0.3%, while in Europe,

Climbing Crude, Hot Housing, and Nonfarm Payrolls Preview

US index futures are mixed this morning as stocks struggle to regain their footing following yesterday’s afternoon selloff. Dow futures are up 0.2% while NASDAQ futures are down 0.4%. Fed minutes, which suggested that not only is the US central

Crude Oil Climbs Between Inventory Reports; ADP Payrolls Come In Strong

Amid mixed economic signals, the New Year’s Rally appears to be fading this morning. On Tuesday, the Dow finished at a new all-time high with a 0.6% gain, but a 1.3% decline for the NASDAQ suggested investor enthusiasm for growth/momentum/risk

Stocks Bounce Back as December Arrives and Bank Earnings Continue

The arrival of December has seen stock markets around the world rebound with end of the month selling pressure easing. Overseas, the Dax is up 1.8% and the FTSE is up 1.4%, while overnight, the Hang Seng rose 0.8% and

OPEC+ Impasse Puts Crude Oil In The Spotlight

With the US closed for a holiday, equity markets around the world have been relatively quiet overnight with the Nikkei and the Hang Seng both falling about 0.6%, the Dax dipping 0.2%, and the FTSE rising about 0.3%. Commodities have

US Stocks Climb, Oil Falls with Employment and OPEC+ In Focus

Coming back from the Easter holiday weekend, US stock markets have picked up where they left off Thursday and are continuing to climb. Building on Thursday’s all-time record high close (and the first close above 4,000) for the S&P 500,