Oil Rallies and Stocks Stabilize as Investors Await Payroll and Inflation Data

The continuing war in Ukraine and yesterday’s decision by OPEC+ to continue its supply restoration program (400,000 bbl/day per month) as is continues to underpin energy contracts. Today WTI crude is up another 3.1% and Brent Crude is trading above

Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada and OPEC+ Meet As Oil Keeps Climbing

As the war in Ukraine continues, concerns about the potential impact that military actions and sanctions could have on oil supply continue to drive energy prices higher. WTI and Brent crude are both up another 7.0% this morning with WTI

Ukraine and Iran Situations Continue to Influence Trading

With a long weekend approaching in the US and Canada, trading has been choppy across world markets. US index future have stabilized and bounced back slightly with morning gains of 0.2%-0.3% coming off of yesterday’s US index losses of 1.8%-2.8%.

Employment, Energy and Earnings In The Spotlight

US index futures are in the green this morning with gains of 0.2% to 0.3%, building on yesterday’s index rebounds that varied between 0.8% for the NASDAQ and 1.8% for the Dow. It has been a mixed morning for North

OPEC+ Meeting and Bank Earnings In Focus

Stock markets around the world have continued to struggle in the wake of yesterday’s rebound rally failure which saw stocks climb in the morning but falter and fall into another lower close. While Dow futures are up 0.75% today, NASDAQ

Fed Tapering and OPEC+ Production Decisions In Focus

World stock markets continue to respond favorably to yesterday’s boost of confidence from the Fed. The US central bank announced that it plans to start tapering asset purchases this month by $15B per month, suggesting eight months of tapering to

Crude Oil Climbs To Its Highest Level Since 2014!

SIA Wealth Morning Minutes: Crude Oil Climbs To Its Highest Level Since 2014! Crude oil contracts are breaking out to multi-year highs this morning. US crude oil, for example, has blasted through its 2018 high near $77.50/bbl and has carried

OPEC+, Merck Follow-through and Evergrande In Focus To Start The Week

US index futures are struggling to build on Friday’s 0.8%-1.4% US market rebound with Dow futures down 0.3% and NASDAQ futures down 0.6%. European indices including the Dax and FTSE are pretty much flat so far today. Friday’s US market

October Starts With Mixed Market Performance

US index futures are up 0.1%-0.3% this morning. Like the morning market bounces of the last two days, gains so far look feeble relative to the losses sustained this week, and gains have already started to fade from overnight highs.