<strong>Easing Wage Inflation Boosts Indices</strong>

US index futures have been climbing following the release of today’s North American employment reports with gains of 0.6% to 0.7%. The reports turned out to be significantly better than expected. Most importantly, both US average hourly earnings (4.6% vs

Stocks Drop as Wage Inflation Jumps

Please note that the Morning Minutes will not be issued on Monday, they should return on Tuesday December 6. Stocks and commodities have turned sharply downward in the last few minutes following the release of the monthly Nonfarm Payrolls report

Stocks Rebound as Employment Growth Beats Expectations

Bouncing back from yesterday’s US index declines of 0.5% to 1.75%, US index futures are up 0.2%-0.5%. Investors have responded favorably to better than expected US nonfarm payrolls (261K vs street 200K, last month revised up to 315K from 263K)

Bonds and Stocks Retreat as North American Jobs Beat Expectations

Market activity, which had been quiet overnight, has sprung to life following the release of North American employment and wage numbers this morning.   US nonfarm payrolls (263K vs street 250K vs previous 315K) and Canada employment (2.1.1K street +20K

Stocks Climb on Strong Payrolls; Energy Markets Mixed

With a long weekend in North America approaching, US markets have been trying to stabilize. Yesterday the Dow and the S&P snapped losing streaks with gains of 0.5% and 0.3% respectively. The NASDAQ, however, fell another 0.2% and the small

Strong US Nonfarm Payrolls Boosts US Dollar, Sinks Stocks

A stronger than expected US employment report has pushed the US 10-year treasury note yield back up above 3.0% this morning with investors apparently taking the news as a green light for the Fed and other central banks to continue

Stocks Turn Down as Nonfarm Payrolls Exceed Expectations

US index futures are in the red this morning with Dow futures down 0.5% and NASDAQ futures down 1.1%, giving back some of yesterday’s gains of 1.3% for the Dow and 2.7% for the NASDAQ. Overseas trading has been mixed

Rising Interest Rates and Nonfarm Payrolls In Focus

The prospect of monetary tightening at a time of rising inflation and weakening economic conditions remains front and center with investors today. After threatening for several days, the US 10-year treasury note yield has decisively broken out over 3.00% this

WTI Falls Back Under $100.00 and Nonfarm Payrolls

US nonfarm payrolls increased by 431K last month which was less than the 490K the street had expected, but the shortfall was more than offset and explained by an upward revision to February payroll growth to 750K from 678K. Average

Opposing Employment Surprises; Social Media Stocks Strike Back

US equity markets appear poised to continue their declines as investors consider rising wage inflation and another mixed round of earnings reports. Dow futures are down over 200 points or 0.5% and NASDAQ futures have slipped into the red as