<strong>Stocks Digest Earnings and Economic Reports Ahead of the Fed</strong>

The strong finish to January that saw US indices climb 1.0%-1.7% yesterday continued overnight with the Hang Seng gaining 1.0%. Momentum has faded this morning, however, with the Dax up 0.3% and the FTSE up 0.2%, while US index futures

Hawkish Central Banks, Weakening Real Estate Drag on Stocks

Adding to yesterday afternoon’s equity market selloff which pushed US indices to losses of 0.4% to 0.8%, US index futures are down another 1.0% to 1.5% this morning, while over in Europe, the Dax is down 1.5% and the FTSE

Steady Markets Await 2:00 pm EST Fed Decision and Forecasts

Although yesterday morning’s explosive post-CPI rally fizzled out, US indices did manage to finish the day in the green with gains of 0.3%-1.0%. This morning, global markets are quiet as traders await today’s announcement from the Fed on US interest

Stocks Soar, US Dollar Drops as US Inflation Pressures Ease

US index futures have exploded to the upside this morning in the minutes following the release of a better than expected US inflation numbers for both the Consumer Price Index (7.1% vs street 7.3% and previous 7.7%), and Core CPI

A Steady Start To a Big Week for Business News

Partially bouncing back from Friday’s US index declines of 0.7%-0.9%, US index futures are up 0.2%-0.3%. Major European indices are in the red across the board this morning with the FTSE and Dax both down 0.3%-0.4%. In commodity action, natural

Flat Futures Await Fed Interest Rate Decision

US index futures, along with the Dax and FTSE have been listless this morning, bouncing between -0.2% and +0.2%, with many investors apparently sitting on their hands, reluctant to commit ahead of today’s FOMC decision. Natural Gas has been active

Mixed Markets Digest Multiple Interest Rate Hikes

Monetary policy decisions, statements, and forecasts have continued to impact trading in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities around the world overnight. Equity and bond market momentum has been generally downward, adding to yesterday’s late afternoon selloff that was sparked by

Stocks Sink as Traders Await Central Bank Decisions

The new trading week finds equity markets around the world under pressure again. Asia Pacific trading saw the Hang Seng retreat while in Europe this morning, the Dax is down 0.4%, while the CAC is down 1.1% and the FTSE

Stocks Drop as Inflation Comes in Worse Than Expected

US index futures have turned sharply downward this morning dropping 0.8% to 1.2% in the minutes following a hotter than expected US consumer price inflation report. Headline CPI came right down the middle at 8.3%, which was higher than the

Stock Slide Continues as Investors Weigh Diverging Interest Rate Trends

Continuing on from the weak finish to last week, stock markets around the world are under pressure once again as the new trading week begins. Fears that the Fed could confirm its hawkishness at this week’s Jackson Hole Symposium has