Stocks Digest Moody’s US Outlook Downgrade and Await Tuesday Developments

Late on Friday, after many market participants had gone home for the weekend, a long weekend for bankers and government workers, Moody’s announced that it has cut the outlook for its US credit rating to Negative from Stable, blaming high

High Inflation and Increasing Geopolitical Tensions Weigh on Stocks

With Monday’s market gains downshifting into flat to slightly lower US markets and US index futures falling 0.2% to 0.6% this morning, dominance in equity markets has shifted from bulls to bears as the week has progressed. Tensions in Israel

Stocks Rise on the Last Quiet News Morning For a While

Building on yesterday’s gains of 0.2%-0.6%, US index futures are up 0.2%-0.3% this morning. European market action is mixed with Paris up 1.0%, Frankfurt up 0.5% and London down 0.3%. Energy commodities are rallying again with WTI crude oil up

<a><strong>Market Retreat Resumes as Banking Woes Broaden</strong></a>

Yesterday’s equity market rebound turned out to be a dead cat bounce. US index futures are down 1.3%-1.7% this morning while over in Europe, the FTSE and Dax are down 2.4%, while Paris and Milan are both down about 3.2%.

<a><strong>Natural Gas Soars in Otherwise Light Holiday Trading</strong></a>

With several Asia-Pacific markets closed today for Lunar New Year holidays, the new trading week is off to a quiet start. The biggest overnight moves were a 1.3% gain for the Nikkei, and a 0.5% rise for the FTSE. The

<strong>Commodities Rally As China Reopens</strong>

With more investors returning from holidays, the new trading week is off to a positive start so far. Commodities have been particularly strong with WTI Crude Oil up 3.4%, Natural Gas up 3.2% and Copper up 1.9%. News over the

Stocks Soar, US Dollar Drops as US Inflation Pressures Ease

US index futures have exploded to the upside this morning in the minutes following the release of a better than expected US inflation numbers for both the Consumer Price Index (7.1% vs street 7.3% and previous 7.7%), and Core CPI

Stocks Drop as Wage Inflation Jumps

Please note that the Morning Minutes will not be issued on Monday, they should return on Tuesday December 6. Stocks and commodities have turned sharply downward in the last few minutes following the release of the monthly Nonfarm Payrolls report

Football and Black Friday In Focus

With many US investors still away for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and US exchanges only open for a half-day, closing at 1:00 pm EST, market action has been listless for the most part. US index futures are mixed with Dow

Investors Digest Interest Rate Hikes and Await Employment Reports

With the US Federal Reserve Board (yesterday afternoon) and the Bank of England (this morning) both raising their benchmark interest rates by 0.75% as expected, continuing the general trend toward monetary tightening, stock markets and commodities around the world have