Stocks Pause as Investors Digest China Forecast and Await Central Bank News...

Friday’s rally in North American markets that saw major indices gain 1.2% to 2.0% has levelled off this morning. US index futures are flat and European markets are mixed with the Dax up 0.3% and the FTSE down 0.6%. It’s

<strong>Commodities Rally As China Reopens</strong>

With more investors returning from holidays, the new trading week is off to a positive start so far. Commodities have been particularly strong with WTI Crude Oil up 3.4%, Natural Gas up 3.2% and Copper up 1.9%. News over the

China Lockdowns, Black Friday Results and Canadian Bank Earnings Preview

US investors return from the Thanksgiving weekend today to find stocks and commodities in retreat. With a rise in protests over the weekend, the impact of China’s latest wave of lockdowns on the domestic and global economy, including the demand

Positive China Data Keeps Equity Bounce Going

China has been the big story in world markets to turn the trading week. The Hang Seng plunged 6.3% after the Chinese National Congress confirmed President Xi as leader for a third five-year term. Most other places, stocks have been

September Starts Soft on China, Manufacturing, and Employment News

US stock markets were unable to hold on to their early gains yesterday and the three main indices finished the month with losses of 0.6%-0.8%. Bears have increasingly gained the upper hand overnight and into this morning. Asia Pacific trading

Market Declines Resume on Weak China Data as Relief Rally Fades

Friday’s big bounces in stock markets, commodities and cryptocurrencies have quickly come to an end. Friday’s enthusiasm has quickly dissipated as the new trading week begins and distribution appears to be resuming. The main causes of this retreat appear to

Selloff Continues With China Trade Data and Rising Rates In Focus

Investor’s fearful mood didn’t improve over the weekend. Continuing from where they left off last Friday, equity markets around the world have started the week in full reverse with Tokyo plunging 2.5%, London losing 1.8% and Frankfurt falling 1.5%. US

Stocks Slide as Rates Rise, China Data Mixed

Investors have returned from the Easter weekend in a mixed mood. European indices are on the rise this morning with the Dax up 0.6% and the FTSE up 0.2%. On the other hand, US index futures are down 0.1% to

US Inflation Soars; Oil Rebounds as China Lockdowns Ease

US index futures have popped upward on a mixed US consumer price inflation report. Although the headline number reached its highest level since 1981 and was slightly worse than expected (8.5% vs street 8.4% and previous 7.9%), inflation excluding food

China Lockdowns Drag Down Stocks and Commodities

For the last several weeks, commodity markets, particularly energy, grains and metals, have been soaring on fears that the Russia-Ukraine war and related sanctions could create a supply shortfall in resource markets. This week, that sentiment appears to have been