<strong>Stocks Rebound as Investors Digest Interest Rate Increases</strong>

Yesterday afternoon, the Fed raised the Fed Funds rate by 0.25% to 5.00%. The US central bank took the middle path in its statement and projections. The majority of FOMC members indicated they are thinking one more interest rate hike

Stock Slump Continues After Bank of England Blinks

One of the biggest questions facing investors this year has been whether central banks will be able to contain inflation quickly enough and let the air out of asset bubbles slowly enough to achieve their goal of a soft landing

Mixed Markets Digest Multiple Interest Rate Hikes

Monetary policy decisions, statements, and forecasts have continued to impact trading in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities around the world overnight. Equity and bond market momentum has been generally downward, adding to yesterday’s late afternoon selloff that was sparked by

Surprise Rate Hikes Knock Down Stocks, Webinar Today

Late yesterday afternoon, it appears that some investors tried to put a positive spin on yesterday’s larger than expected Fed rate hike (0.75% vs street 0.50% to 1.75%), perhaps on the notion that the faster the Fed raises rates, the

Mega Meta Miss Meltdown and UK Rate Hike Drag Markets Downward

The market rebound of the last few days appears to have run out of gas. Although US indices finished with gains of 0.5% to 1.0%, there were cracks with Alphabet failing to close above its previous highs near $3,000 and

Stocks Climb as Central Banks Start to Normalize Monetary Policy

Building on yesterday’s rebound which saw a burst of short covering and bargain hunting after the big Fed decision unshackled investors, US index futures are all up about 0.6% this morning, adding to yesterday’s US index gains of 1-2%. Overseas

Fed Tapering and OPEC+ Production Decisions In Focus

World stock markets continue to respond favorably to yesterday’s boost of confidence from the Fed. The US central bank announced that it plans to start tapering asset purchases this month by $15B per month, suggesting eight months of tapering to

Stocks Keep Climbing As Taper Talk Continues

Building on yesterday’s gains of 1.0% for the three main US indices, US index futures are all up about 0.6% as investors continue to respond favorably to yesterday’s news from the Fed. The US central bank delivered an upbeat assessment

Stocks Climb Amid a Flurry of Economic Numbers, Webinar Today

After pausing for a couple of days, equities have resumed the upward course that started on Monday with US index futures, the FTSE and the DAX all up 0.5%-0.6%. Other markets are mixed today. Commodities are backsliding a bit with

Steady Markets Digest More Earnings While Awaiting Friday Payrolls

US index futures are up flat to up 0.1% today as investors consider yesterday’s 0.3% advance to an all-time high close for the Dow alongside a 0.3% decline for the NASDAQ. Overseas, major European indices are essentially flat trading between