June Begins with Strong ADP Payrolls Offsetting Soft Earnings and Guidance

US index futures are holding steady this morning, with the main contacts trading between -0.1% and +0.1%. Over in Europe, the Dax is up 0.8% and the FTSE is up 0.4%. Copper is bouncing back today with a 1.4% gain,

Strong ADP Payrolls Boost Indices as Investors Await Today’s Big Fed D...

US markets have started to bounce back this morning from yesterday’s very mixed US trading which saw Banks and Energy drag the Dow and S&P to losses of 1.1% each, while the NASDAQ finished flat. US index futures are trading

Gold Clears $2,000/oz as Investors Digest Mixed Payroll and PMI Reports

Trading action in world markets has been mixed overnight. US index futures are flat this morning after major US markets fell 0.6% yesterday. In Europe, the FTSE is up 0.4% and the Dax is down 0.3%. Asia Pacific trading saw

<strong>Steady Stocks Await RBNZ News and Employment Data</strong>

Building on Monday’s gain of 1.0% by the Dow and 0.3% by the S&P 500, US index futures are up 0.1% to 0.4% with the NASDAQ playing catchup from its 0.25% decline Monday to lead the way today. In Europe

<strong>Stable Stocks Digest Monetary Policy and Employment News</strong>

Fed Chair Powell rocked the markets yesterday with a series of hawkish comments indicating that with the economy holding up relatively well, inflation pressures have not eased as quickly and could even rebound. Because of this, Powell suggested that the

<strong>Stocks Digest Earnings and Economic Reports Ahead of the Fed</strong>

The strong finish to January that saw US indices climb 1.0%-1.7% yesterday continued overnight with the Hang Seng gaining 1.0%. Momentum has faded this morning, however, with the Dax up 0.3% and the FTSE up 0.2%, while US index futures

<strong>Stocks Slide With Employment Related News In Focus</strong>

US index futures are down 0.3%-0.4% this morning giving back some of yesterday’s 0.4%-0.8% gains, dragged downward by mixed employment news. At the national level, the news has been positive with ADP private sector payrolls (235K vs street 150K) and

<strong>New Year’s Rally Arrives Overseas</strong>

Shrugging off yesterday’s soft US market action which saw major indices trade between flat and down 0.8%, overseas markets have been soaring overnight. Amid anticipation of Chinese economic reopening and some US regulatory developments for some Chinese companies, the Hang

Flat Futures Await Fed Interest Rate Decision

US index futures, along with the Dax and FTSE have been listless this morning, bouncing between -0.2% and +0.2%, with many investors apparently sitting on their hands, reluctant to commit ahead of today’s FOMC decision. Natural Gas has been active

Mixed Markets Digest Weak US ADP Payroll and Auto Sales Data

Although US index futures are up 0.3% to 0.5% this morning, today’s bounce has not been able to erase all of yesterday’s US declines of 0.50% to 0.75% for the major indices. European indices are also indecisive this morning with