Stocks Rebound as Central Bank Day Arrives

For a second straight day, US markets tried to bounce back from morning losses on Tuesday afternoon but were unable to make it back to the green with NASDAQ finishing down 2.3% and the S&P losing 1.2%. Today, bulls and

Stock Market Retreat Resumes Despite Positive Earnings

Yesterday’s afternoon rebound in the US, which saw some indices erase midday losses of 2.0% or more to finish with gains of 0.3% for the Dow and 0.6% for the NASDAQ, unravelled overnight. In Asia Pacific trading both the Nikkei

Investors Stay Defensive While Waiting for Wednesday

Another winter weekend has come and gone, and stock markets have picked up where they left off Friday in full broad retreat. In early US trading, Dow futures are down 0.4% while NASDAQ futures are down nearly 0.9%, adding to

Markets Retreat Amid More Disappointing Earnings and Corporate News

Stock markets took a sharp turn downward starting about midday yesterday, sending North American markets to sharp losses including drops of 0.9% for the Dow and 1.3% for the NASDAQ. Downward momentum has continued through overseas trading overnight and into

Better Than Expected/Feared Earnings Help Stocks To Rebound

Although yesterday morning’s rebound attempt ended in tears with early gains being erased by a bearish surge that drove the Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ to daily losses of 1.0%-1.1%, bulls and bargain hunters are at is again this morning,

Stocks Bounce Back as More US Earnings Roll In

US index futures are pointing toward a positive open today with gains of 0.2% for Dow Futures and 0.5% for NASDAQ futures. While encouraging, US indices still have a way to go to claw back yesterday’s losses of 1.5% for

Lower Earnings and Higher Interest Rates Weigh on Stocks; Big Video Game Deal

Overseas stock markets have been retreating overnight and that downward momentum has carried into early North American trading today. NASDAQ futures are down 1.5% while Dow futures are down 0.75%. In Europe today, the Dax is down 1.0% while the

Mixed Trading with US Markets Closed

It’s Martin Luther King Day and with US stock exchanges closed international market action has been mixed with markets looking for leadership. Stock market trading has generally been positive with US index futures (which close at 9:15 am EDT) and

Retail Sales Plunge and Soft US Bank Earnings Send Stocks Sliding

US index futures are in retreat again this morning, falling 0.50%-0.75% and adding to yesterdays losses of 0.5% for the Dow, 1.4% for the S&P 500 and 2.5% for the NASDAQ. Russell 2000 futures have dropped back under 2,150 and

Stocks Creep Upward as US Earnings Season Starts

Building on yesterday’s gains of 0.1%-0.3% for major US indices, US index futures are up another 0.1% this morning. The Dax, FTSE and Hang Seng are all up 0.1% today. The Nikkei fell 1.0% overnight with the Yen rallying 0.3%