Mixed Markets Await Russia and Economic Developments

The Morning Minutes will not be issued tomorrow, they will return on Wednesday, June 29. US index futures are in the green again this morning with gains of 0.3% to 0.6% as American stocks look to build on Friday’s index

Canada Jobs Bounce Back, Global Markets Remain Choppy

The choppy, back and forth trading across asset classes, which has been the main theme of the week so far, has continued overnight and into this morning. US index futures are up 1.0% to 1.3%, clawing back yesterday’s US index

Gold Tests $2,000/oz, Oil nears $125/bbl as Ukraine War Continues

With the Ukraine war still raging and limited ceasefires struggling to hold over the weekend, capital continues to flow into commodities and defensive havens as the new trading week begins. Brent crude traded $125.00/bbl this morning, while WTI crude oil

Strong Nonfarm Payrolls Help Indices To Cut Overnight Losses

Weighed down by continued strife in Ukraine, including fighting around a large nuclear plant, overseas stock markets have been retreating again overnight and into this morning with the Dax and FTSE both plunging 3.1%, while the Nikkei and the Hang

Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada and OPEC+ Meet As Oil Keeps Climbing

As the war in Ukraine continues, concerns about the potential impact that military actions and sanctions could have on oil supply continue to drive energy prices higher. WTI and Brent crude are both up another 7.0% this morning with WTI

Ruble Wrecked, Stocks Smashed as a Busy Week for Market News Begins

The war in Ukraine continued through the weekend with reports of more fighting and more sanctions offset by the possibility of initial peace talks. The situation remains volatile as has action across global markets. Dow futures have been trading down

Gold, Oil and USD Soar, Stocks Plunge as Russia Attacks Ukraine

Overnight Russia expanded its military operations in Ukraine to include missile and infantry attacks in several parts of the country. This news sent equity markets, which had already been trending downward in recent days in fear that tensions could boil