<strong>Stocks Climb as Markets Digest Bank and Retailer Earnings</strong>

The last trading day of February finds US index futures up 0.2% to 0.3%, adding to yesterday’s US index gains of 0.2%-0.6%. European market action is mixed with the Dax up 0.4% and the FTSE down 0.4%. Energy and metals

<strong>New Year’s Rally Resumes On Positive Earnings Reports</strong>

Coming off of a day of digestion that saw US indices shrug off early losses and finish pretty much flat, US equities have been marching forward again this morning. NASDAQ futures are up 0.7% while Dow futures are up 0.2%.

Markets Active Around US GDP, Big Tech Earnings and ECB Rate News

On a busy morning for business news US index futures are mixed with Dow Futures up 0.8% and NASDAQ futures down 0.6%, continuing a big divergence that opened yesterday when the Dow finished flat while the NASDAQ fell by 2.0%.

Canadian Bank and US Retailer Earnings Dominate Morning News

Building on yesterday’s gains of 0.6% to 1.5% for the main US indices, US index futures are up 0.2% to 0.6% this morning. Over in Europe, the FTSE is up 0.6% and the Dax is up 0.8%. In the wake

Stocks Slide as Rates Rise, China Data Mixed

Investors have returned from the Easter weekend in a mixed mood. European indices are on the rise this morning with the Dax up 0.6% and the FTSE up 0.2%. On the other hand, US index futures are down 0.1% to

Bank Earnings Begin Big Amid Broad Market Retreat

The Bank of Nova Scotia has kicked off Canadian bank earnings week with a strong start, beating the street on EPS ($2.10 vs street $1.91), raising its dividend by 11%, and launching a new 24 million share stock buyback program.

US GDP, Central Bank Decisions and Earnings In the Spotlight

On a very busy day for news across a number of fronts, US index futures are on the rise again, climbing 0.2% to 0.5% as they bounce back from yesterday’s flat to down 0.75% moves. A mixed round of earnings

Stocks Backslide as China GDP Growth Disappoints

Stock markets around the world have started the new trading week on their back feet, giving back some of Friday’s gains. US index futures are down 0.3%-0.4%, while in Europe, the Dax is down 0.6% and the FTSE is down

October Starts With Mixed Market Performance

US index futures are up 0.1%-0.3% this morning. Like the morning market bounces of the last two days, gains so far look feeble relative to the losses sustained this week, and gains have already started to fade from overnight highs.

US Q2 GDP, Earnings, Fed and Infrastructure In Focus

US index futures are generally positive varying between flat for NASDAQ futures to up 0.4% for Dow futures with the Dow bouncing back from yesterday’s 0.4% decline and the NASDAQ consolidating yesterday’s 0.7% gain. The Fed continued to support markets