US Dollar Soars on Fed Hawkish Hold

World markets have been rocked by the results of yesterday’s Fed meeting. The US central bank held its benchmark Fed Funds rate at 5.50% as had been widely anticipated. Forecasts of interest rates for 2024 and beyond were more hawkish

Markets Reverse Course as Fed Decision Day Arrives

Throughout September, the upcoming Fed decision on interest rates and member forecasts on the future of US interest rates has been looming over world markets and investor sentiment. Today the highly anticipated news arrives at 2:00 pm EDT. The Fed

Fed Decision Day and Canada Earnings Start Soft

US equity markets finished Tuesday with gains of up to 0.6% yesterday including a 12th straight win for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Today, however, investors appear to be pausing to wait and see what the Fed does/signals about interest

Stocks Sink Amid Central Bank Decisions, Banking Woes and Earnings Reports<...

Adding to yesterday’s US index losses of 0.5% to 0.8%, US index futures are trading down 0.2%-0.4% this morning, while major European indices are down 0.8%-1.0%. Crude oil has stabilized, while metals are climbing with Gold and Copper both up

Strong ADP Payrolls Boost Indices as Investors Await Today’s Big Fed D...

US markets have started to bounce back this morning from yesterday’s very mixed US trading which saw Banks and Energy drag the Dow and S&P to losses of 1.1% each, while the NASDAQ finished flat. US index futures are trading

Steady Markets Digest Surprise RBA Rate Hike and Await Fed Decision

Overnight, the Reserve Bank of Australia stunned the world with the announcement of a surprise 0.25% interest rate increase to 3.85%, resuming tightening after being on hold for its last two meetings. On this news, the Australian Dollar rallied 0.9%

<strong>World Markets Await Central Bank Decisions</strong>

Over the next 24 hours, three of the world’s major central banks are holding interest rate decision meetings. The main event today is the US Fed meeting with an interest rate decision, statement, and member projections due at 2:00 pm

<strong>Banking Problems Drag World Markets Downward While Gold Rallies</strong>

It has been a good news, bad news evening and morning for banks and the markets. On the positive side, the Fed and the US Government stepped in with a plan to backstop depositors at Silicon Valley Bank in a

Investors Digest Interest Rate Hikes and Await Employment Reports

With the US Federal Reserve Board (yesterday afternoon) and the Bank of England (this morning) both raising their benchmark interest rates by 0.75% as expected, continuing the general trend toward monetary tightening, stock markets and commodities around the world have

Flat Futures Await Fed Interest Rate Decision

US index futures, along with the Dax and FTSE have been listless this morning, bouncing between -0.2% and +0.2%, with many investors apparently sitting on their hands, reluctant to commit ahead of today’s FOMC decision. Natural Gas has been active