OPEC+, Merck Follow-through and Evergrande In Focus To Start The Week

US index futures are struggling to build on Friday’s 0.8%-1.4% US market rebound with Dow futures down 0.3% and NASDAQ futures down 0.6%. European indices including the Dax and FTSE are pretty much flat so far today. Friday’s US market

China Crushes Cryptocurrencies, Evergrande Crisis Continues

Two events out of China have combined to rattle investors overnight. First, Thursday passed without any word from Evergrande over when or whether it plans to make an interest payment on USD denominated bonds (which are widely believed to be

Stocks Bounce Bank Between Central Bank Meetings

Although yesterday’s morning rebound faded into a mixed close for US markets yesterday that saw the Dow lows 0.2% and the NASDAQ gain 0.2%, US index futures are trying to regain their footing again this morning with gains of 0.3%-0.5%.

Stock Markets Rebound Between Election and Central Bank Meetings

Having quickly adapted to growing financial risks at China’s Evergrande, the selling pressure which enveloped world markets has eased somewhat as investors wait for the next shoes to drop. Tonight, the Peoples Bank of China and the Bank of Japan

China Contagion, Canada Election, and Central Bank Meetings

Weekend business news has been dominated by financial problems at Evergrande, one of China’s largest real estate companies, who is struggling with over $300 billion in debt and appears close to missing an interest payment. Fears that this could potentially