Debt Ceiling Deal and This Week’s Business News Calendar

Over the weekend, US congressional leaders and the White House agreed on a deal to resolve the Debt Ceiling crisis. The legislation now needs to pass both houses of Congress ahead of a June 5th deadline, which has been pushed

Payrolls and Politics Spark Stock Rebound

Building on yesterday’s US market gains of 0.3%-0.4%, which came on the back of a stronger than expected ADP payrolls report (568K vs street 428K), overseas markets have been rebounding overnight as well. The particularly depressed Hang Seng popped 3.0%,

Mixed Trading, Political Uncertainty, and Durable Goods Orders

The start of the last trading week for this month and quarter finds investors indecisive amid continuing uncertainties. US index futures are mixed with Dow futures up 0.1%, S&P futures down 0.3% and NASDAQ futures down 0.7%. Commodities are mixed