Markets Stabilize on US Juneteenth Holiday

It’s the first time that the new US Juneteenth holiday is being celebrated. US exchanges are closed today and futures close at 9:15 am EDT. Building on a mixed Friday that saw the NASDAQ climb 1.4% and the Dow dip

Cryptocurrencies Crash and Stocks Sell Off As Investors Await Central Banks

The broad-based decline in risk markets that accelerated on Friday following the higher-than-expected US consumer price report, which indicated that central bank tightening to date has done nothing to reel in inflation, putting pressure on them to do more, has

Cryptocurrencies Crumble and Stocks Slide As Investors Go Defensive

The market selloff appears to be taking on a life of its own this week. With US consumer price inflation still running above 8.0% over year and US producer price numbers announced this morning still running hot (11.0% vs street

A Short But Busy Week Starts With Stocks Sliding and Traded Rates Rising

With markets closed on Friday it’s a short trading week but one with a lot of potential news on the way. Three central banks meet this week, the Bank of Canada, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the European

Gold, Oil and USD Soar, Stocks Plunge as Russia Attacks Ukraine

Overnight Russia expanded its military operations in Ukraine to include missile and infantry attacks in several parts of the country. This news sent equity markets, which had already been trending downward in recent days in fear that tensions could boil

China Crushes Cryptocurrencies, Evergrande Crisis Continues

Two events out of China have combined to rattle investors overnight. First, Thursday passed without any word from Evergrande over when or whether it plans to make an interest payment on USD denominated bonds (which are widely believed to be