Stocks Pause, Cryptos Rally as Investors Await Economic News

A strong start to the week which saw the NASDAQ gain 1.1% and the S&P 500 rally 0.65%, has slowed this morning. US index futures contracts are down 0.1%-0.4%, while over in Europe, the Dax is down 0.5%, while the

<strong>Indices Rebound as Banks Bounce Back</strong>

Equity markets in North America and Europe are bouncing back this morning. US Index futures are up 0.8%-1.0% clawing back all of yesterday’s 0.3% loss for the Dow and building on yesterday’s 0.4% gain for the NASDAQ. Over in Europe,

Markets Slide as Investors Digest Employment, Earnings and Financial News

Please note the SIA Wealth Morning Minutes will not be issued on Monday March 13th, it should return on Tuesday March 14th. US index futures are mixed as investors struggle with the implications of today’s North American employment numbers. Dow

<strong>Silvergate Struggles Spark a Surge for Silver</strong>

Building in yesterday’s US market rebound, which saw major indices gain 0.75%-1.0%, US index futures are up 0.2%-0.3%. Overseas action has also been positive with the Dax up 1.0% and the Hang Seng up 0.9%. The 10-year treasury note yield

Quadruple Witching Day and Flash PMI

US index futures are down again this morning with declines of 0.4% to 0.8% adding to Thursday’s US index losses of 2.2% to 3.2%. Investors still appear to be reeling from yesterday’s disappointing US national retail sales and industrial production

Futures Fall as Investors Digest Midterm Results and Cryptocurrency Chaos

A three-day winning streak for US indices appears vulnerable this morning with US index futures contracts trading down 0.4% to 0.5% in the wake of yesterday’s US midterm elections. At the time of writing, the Republicans appear poised to take