Big News From Big Banks In Canada

Amid reports of new COVID cases in China starting to drop off, commodities have been on the rebound this morning with WTI Crude Oil gaining 1.7%, and Copper climbing 1.0%. The Hang Seng popped 5.2% overnight as well. Stock markets

China Lockdowns Drag Down Stocks and Commodities

For the last several weeks, commodity markets, particularly energy, grains and metals, have been soaring on fears that the Russia-Ukraine war and related sanctions could create a supply shortfall in resource markets. This week, that sentiment appears to have been

Good News, Bad News, and Upcoming News For the Markets

The world of business and the markets has roared back to life this morning from the US Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend with investors still considering the implications of a new COVID variant, and a busy week for business news on the

New COVID Variant Sparks Big Capital Flows and Sharp Moves

Historically, Black Friday has been one of the quietest days of the year for US stock markets with many participants away and the market only open for a half day. Not this year. Overnight the WHO announced that a new

OPEC+, Merck Follow-through and Evergrande In Focus To Start The Week

US index futures are struggling to build on Friday’s 0.8%-1.4% US market rebound with Dow futures down 0.3% and NASDAQ futures down 0.6%. European indices including the Dax and FTSE are pretty much flat so far today. Friday’s US market


The last trading day of January finds bourses around the world in retreat once again. US index futures are all down about 1.2% including a 350 point drop in Dow futures. Overseas, the Dax and Hang Seng are down 1.0%,