<strong>US Dollar Rally Weighs on World Markets</strong>

The US Dollar is in rally mode this morning, putting a headwind in front of other currencies, commodities and equities. The US Dollar is up 2.0% against Gold and the Pound, up 1.3% against the Australian Dollar, up 0.6% against

Interest Rate Hikes and Strong Bank Earnings In Focus

For the last several months, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has been the lead domino among central banks in tightening moves, first starting to raise rates by 0.25% a meeting starting last fall and then accelerating to a 0.50%

Hawkish Fed Talk Sends Yields Climbing, Stocks Slumping

Yesterday’s bearish shift in sentiment toward equities has continued overnight and into this morning. US index futures are adding to yesterday’s index losses with Dow futures down 0.7% and NASDAQ futures down 1.6% after the Dow fell 0.8% and the

Stocks Creep Upward as US Earnings Season Starts

Building on yesterday’s gains of 0.1%-0.3% for major US indices, US index futures are up another 0.1% this morning. The Dax, FTSE and Hang Seng are all up 0.1% today. The Nikkei fell 1.0% overnight with the Yen rallying 0.3%