Stocks Backtrack as Pivot Effect Fades Fast and Inflation Keeps Rising

In a case of “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”, investors who spent the summer hoping the Fed and other major central banks would pivot from being hawkish and fighting inflation to being dovish and

Stock Slump Continues After Bank of England Blinks

One of the biggest questions facing investors this year has been whether central banks will be able to contain inflation quickly enough and let the air out of asset bubbles slowly enough to achieve their goal of a soft landing

Markets Rebound as US Dollar Rally Fades For Now

What has recently appeared to be a relentless trend of soaring treasury yields and US Dollar gains steamrolling over equities, bonds, commodities and non-US currencies appears to have relented a bit for the moment. US index futures are up 1.0%

Stock Slump, US Dollar Rally Continue as Quarter-End Approaches

The final week of the month and the quarter has picked up where last week left off, with stock markets in retreat, treasury yields soaring and currency markets in turmoil. US index futures are down 0.4%-0.5% so far today, continuing

Stocks Keep Falling as Treasury Yields Keep Rising

The implications of stagflation (high inflation driving tighter monetary policy and a weakening economy) appear to be putting a squeeze and taking their toll on stocks, bonds and commodities again today. From the inflation/monetary side, this week’s series of interest

Mixed Markets Digest Multiple Interest Rate Hikes

Monetary policy decisions, statements, and forecasts have continued to impact trading in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities around the world overnight. Equity and bond market momentum has been generally downward, adding to yesterday’s late afternoon selloff that was sparked by

Big Fed Decision Today, But FOMC Forecasts May Be More Important

Monetary policy dominates the economic calendar for the next 24 hours with four major central bank decisions on the way. The US Fed is up first at 2:00 pm with a 0.75% increase widely expected. The Bank of Japan is

Indices Retreat Amid Rising Inflation and Interest Rate News

Yesterday’s late day bounce that carried major US indices to gains of 0.6%-0.8% yesterday has faded overnight. This morning finds US index futures down 0.3%-0.5%, while over in Europe, the Dax is down 0.6% and the FTSE is flat on

Stocks Sink as Traders Await Central Bank Decisions

The new trading week finds equity markets around the world under pressure again. Asia Pacific trading saw the Hang Seng retreat while in Europe this morning, the Dax is down 0.4%, while the CAC is down 1.1% and the FTSE

FedEx Earnings Miss Sends Stocks Sliding

For the last several weeks, the main focus of investors has mainly been on big picture issues; central banks, the state of the economy, inflation, rising interest rates, the US Dollar, and commodity prices. Last night, investors received a stern