The Money Fight Webinar Replay

The Money Fight

Planning for a bear market isn’t easy but an essential component to long term investing. We believe that AI can help detect the early signs of a bear market and provide a strategic advantage. In this webinar SIA Charts and SIA Wealth founder and CEO, Jeremy Fehr, provides his insights on bear markets and the current state of AI in finance, as well as his current market outlook.

The History of



We are currently experiencing the longest bull market in history and everyone is anticipating the next downturn. In the webinar we will be providing an analysis of the past three bear markets with some additional insights on the 2008 Great Recession.

The Future of



Artificial intelligence is being used more and more in the financial industry and the trend will likely continue. In the webinar we will be reviewing some prominent applications of AI in finance, as well as showcasing how our technology helps advisors gain an advantage.

CEO Jeremy Fehr's



Founder and CEO, Jeremy Fehr’s will provide his market update and commentary along with his thoughts on the outlook for the rest of 2019. He will also be taking questions during the webinar on virtually any topic. You won’t want to miss his insights.

Artificial Intelligence Powered

Investment Products

Our AI executes 10 billion calculations every night to anticipate changes in the market faster and more accurately than any human ever could. This unbiased technology is what powers all of our managed funds and ETFs. Our unconstrained tactical approach allows SIA Wealth transition into cash  or cash equivalents should certain indicators be triggered. Until then, our products will be fully invested in the market to maximize returns.

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